do you know my project JEN (JavaEasyNetwork)?
It's a server running on Java 1.8+, which you can configure on your browser.
The spezial thing is that you can create virtual servers on it and give them passwords and
there is the option that the player provide something like your its name or whatever to the server.
Every player can see that information.

Let's start!

so here are the download links:
That's all for free! Please notify me if you use it for paid games :)

First you download the *.jar and copy it preferably to a new folder named "JEN".
Now open all port's of your firewall you want to need (open port 80 if you want to configure your server outside of your home network).
Start the *.jar to start the server (it's useful to do it in the terminal/console to close the server faster "java -jar the/path/to/the/jar").
You can now open your browser and type in the ip of your server (localhost or if you do that on your server).

Login with the password "JEN" and change it that nobody else have access to it.

Let's create our first server:

type in a servername, a port and the password (let it empty if you don't want to have a password).
Hmm.. what is Args?
There you say how many arguments the players must provide e.g. your name.

Click add and then apply.
Now you can connect with GMS (scripts are above). (If you want support for other languages or have problems with my scripts tell me: gerrit.weiermann@gmx.de)


Download the example.
In the create event of obj_client you have Action 1, Init.
There you can change the ip and the port.
In Action 2,Connect you can see the function jen_login(server,password, arg1,arg2,...) where you can change the servername and password.
Create a server with that properties servername, port, password and args=1 and run!
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Note: the password encryption on login is not the best!
Note2: The ip changes every 24h. To bypass it: DnsDynamic